Delivering A World Class Experience. . . One Client At A Time!


  • Our CLIENTS’ best interests come first.
  • Our foremost standard of conduct is INTEGRITY.
  • Every associate and employee is a TEAM member and contributes to our success.
  • Individually and collectively we strive to achieve EXCELLENCE in everything we do.
  • We treat each other and our clients with RESPECT and DIGNITY.
  • We instill in each of our team members a commitment to the COMMUNITIES in which we live and work.
  • We realize the value in actively recruiting, developing, and mentoring talented individuals of DIVERSE cultures and backgrounds.
  • Service to our clients & Profitability – Drive our ability to invest, improve, and succeed.


Our Vision is to become the most respected and preferred choice for commercial real estate solutions in Indiana and the Midwest Region.

Core Beliefs

Everyone associated with BHHS Indiana Realty Commercial Real Estate must practice the highest level of business ethics. All interactions, inside and outside the firm shall be a reflection of the professionalism, honesty, integrity and sense of morality of the owners.

BHHS Indiana Realty Commercial Real Estate will never compromise our standards, ideals or values in order to obtain a client, close a deal or increase personal or corporate income. Everyone associated with this company must share the same ideals and values about what constitutes appropriate professional behavior.

Our image, and that of our agents, as quality providers of real estate services, is critical to our ability to succeed.

Our mission, vision and ability to create and implement a systematic approach to the management and operation of our assignments is the strategic advantage which sets us apart from our competitors and positions us to be a leader in any market we target.

A systematic approach to the management and operation of a business includes: providing the right combination of state-of-the-art technology and equipment and combined with effective and efficient processes to create a superior, seamless service delivery system, creating a workplace which is as free from stress as possible, and giving agents freedom from routine, repetitive tasks so they can exercise their expertise in order to succeed.

Our culture will always embrace consistency while supporting empowerment; foster teamwork while providing the tools for individual success, and encourage each agent to rise to his or her highest level of professional and personal performance.

Being a good corporate citizen, and being personally involved in improving the quality of life in the communities we serve is an integral part of our values, our success and the personal well being of all our associates and staff.

We think and act strategically at all times. Every action is intended to foster success and continue to make this company attractive to everyone who can benefit from its success.



It shall be the express intent of the Company to establish and maintain the highest standards of ethics when dealing with any and all parties. All transactions and decisions will be made on a fair and ethical basis. Any officer, independent contractor or employee associated with the Company who does not maintain the highest ethical standards will be subject to dismissal.


It is the Company’s intent to maintain the highest professional standards in delivering its service to the public. It is the Company’s intent to develop and be structured in such a manner as to cultivate and maintain the highest professional standards known to this industry.


It is the Company’s intention to maintain the highest profit potential possible for all individuals associated with it. It is the expressed intent of the company to establish its own highest potential profit but not at the expense of the employees or independent contractors affiliated with the Company.


It is a goal of the Company to establish a reasonable growth rate to enable a corporate structure that will result in divisions of specialization, which in turn will create the highest level of professionalism in the marketplace. These areas of specialization will include, but not be limited to Office, Industrial, Retail, Multi-family (Apartments), Vacant Land, and Investment.